About: for students

This site is intended to inform, entertain and challenge you, all through the medium of French. My hope is that you will be interested enough in the content that working in French is not your main motivation to read on, although it will of course be your starting point.

The topics have been chosen not to practise a particular theme that you will cover in lessons (you know the ones I mean: where I live, my school etc.) You will notice that they are not about you. Not at all. They are not about your eating habits or what your bedroom looks like. But I hope that they are actually more genuinely about your experiences and interests because they are what you would like to find out about or be entertained by.

But just because you haven’t done a topic on the French Resistance does not mean that you do not have the language to be able to read about it. If in doubt, have a good look and see!

My aim is for you to become more familiar with more complex structures – modal verbs, reflexives, comparatives – by seeing them frequently. Also to become familiar with time phrases and conjunctions. To make the most of this, you will need to read in detail, and not for jist. I have not given you comprehension questions. Why? Firstly because they make you selective where I need you to be thorough. Secondly because they are boring. And you should be having fun from your reading.

However, that puts the onus on you (don’t know what an ‘onus’ is – don’t snigger, look it up) to read carefully, paying attention to detail. If you finish quickly, go back and translate a couple of paragraphs. You are at the stage where being independent and taking responsibility for your progress is over to you – you’ll find you really enjoy the freedom.

Finally, I’d be grateful if you could find the time to send me some comments, positive as well as negative please. I know not all the themes will interest you, but hope you will find some that do. Let me know which. Are the texts too easy/ difficult/ not enough of them? Your opinions are valued.



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